SOUTH PARK S22E08 - S22E10 (英語学習メモ)

S22E08 Buddha Box


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I want to be enlightened like the Buddha, but I've got these fucking kids.

I know this is pussy drink.

pussy drink という Political Incorrect な言葉を聞いて泣き出すPC Babies

Come on, I didn't mean pussy drink as in female genitalia.

pussy drink と聞いて泣くPC Babiesにそういう意味で言ったんじゃないと言い訳する男性

Living with someone who has anxiety can be a bit of a roller coaster as well. We have to support our loved ones with their anxiety and try to understand their illness.

That was far out, PC Babies! You really rocked the airwaves!

PC Babiesの泣き声をラジオで放送したおっさん。

  • far out
    • Urban Dictionary: far out
    • すごい!最高!
    • 文脈によっては、ありえないわ...みたいな意味としても使う

S22E09 Unfulfilled


  • Amazon fulfillment center ストライキの話
  • fulfillment center 世界中でよくスト起きてるよね...

I don't need to be reminded that money's tight. I'm sorry, It's just this new job, it can be such a grind

Bike Paradeに向けて自転車を改造するバターズ、優勝賞金は$50だよ!と嬉しそうにスティーブンに伝えるバターズに対して、家計が逼迫していることをいちいち指摘しなくていいとブチ切れるスティーブン

  • money is tight
    • 家計が苦しい
    • tight on budget: 予算が/家計がかつかつ
    • 金にもtightが使えるのね
  • grind (noun)

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Sixteen tons に合わせて、(Amazon fulfillment centerにより職を失った)スティーブンがAmazon fulfillment centerで身を粉にしてつまらなそうに働き、働いて得た金を使ってAmazonで買い物、Amazon Prime Video と Prime music に金を費やすみたいなシーンはすごく良かった



We didn't really have a choice. Since the fulfillment center opened, me and wife's coffee business has gone belly up.

fulfillment centerが街にできて以来コーヒーショップの経営が立ち行かなくなりfulfillment centerで働かざるを得なくなったTweak夫妻

Josh, how does it feel to have your accident spark so much upheaval?



You know, Tom, I think something like this was bound to happen. There's those at the top who control the means of production, and then there's the working class that enables those means by selling their labor power for wages. When there's conflict, the ruling class tries to blame the working class.

Can you get out of the box? - No, my organs have been compacted, so if the box opens, I spill out and die.

  • spill out
    • こぼれる、あふれる、流出
    • SPILL OUT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
    • 箱詰めされたJoshに箱から出られないのか?と問うリポーターに対して、箱を開けたら内臓が飛び出て死ぬと答える
    • spill out coffee とかでコーヒーをこぼすとかの意味にもなる
    • spill (noun) で溢れ出たもの、こぼしたもの

I believe working class needs to revolt against capitalism and bring about socioeconomic emancipation.


I'm not really sure why everyone is so ... - Disgruntled? Dissatisfied? Unamused?

Amazon fulfillment Center を開いて一時的にはうまくいっていたのに、どうして人々がこんなに...と口を紡ぐMayerに対して言葉を続けるJeff Bezos

disgruntled / dissatisfied / unamused どれも基本的には不満を抱えているという状態だと思うけど違いはなんだろうか?

S22E10 Bike Parade


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None of my orders are getting fulfilled, and I just need something to take the edge off.

Amazon fulfillment center でのストのせいでAmazonでの商品が届かなくなった結果、そのストレスのはけ口としてRandyの大麻をこぞって買いにくる住民たち

We have to make sure Tegridy Weed stays ahead of the competition!

The bigwigs promoted me to manager.

ストに参加する人たちを裏切り、Amazon fulfillment centerでの仕事の戻ったスティーブン、お偉い様方(Jeff Bezos)によってマネージャに昇格される

How is the common worker kept submissive? By the institutions and the ideology of the bourgeoisie. We only ask for compassion, for a fair share of the fruits of our labors.


Are we splitting that? - Get your own


splitting that?、パピコ分けて欲しいときとかに使えそう

Face it, Stan! Our bikes suck! We're gonna lose! We're gonna be the laughingstock of the whole thing!

Have fun suc◯ing Jeff Bezos' di◯k, you bunch a c◯nts!

S22E03でMr Hankyを街から追い出した住民たちにすげえ汚い捨て台詞を吐いて去っていくサンタクロース

  • cunt
    • female genital